2 June 2016

How to prepare files for offset printing?


1.  For printing we accept files in the following form:

:: composite PDF files in version 1.3 created by Adobe Acrobat Distiller with option “print shop” (no compression) or generated as PDF/x-1a with the included fonts (in PDF FILE should not contain color profiles attached, fonts must be enclosed inside the document or convert to curves);

:: composite files. ps and .prn;

:: open files created in programs: Corel Draw, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc. Fonts in these files should be converted to curves. If the conversion of the curves is not possible, a form of file delivery please agree with DTP Department. To open files, you must include a preview of work in jpg. In the case of open files (eg. CDR, ai), plus a fee for the preparation of print file calculated according to the time spent (Imaging Studio cost is $ 25/HR)-a minimum of $ 40.

2.  Multiple page documents please send in a single file.

3. If the image ends flush with the edge of the page (the so-called. graphics to bleed), you must add a minimum of 3 mm bleed. It is also recommended that you add the cut marks, in particular, when the work will be saved in a format that does not specify the area.

4. The resolution of the bitmap should contain between 250 dpi and 300 dpi resolution (less than 250 dpi can adversely affect the quality of printed objects).

5.  Do not use RGB color (in the case of the delivery of the work containing the RGB colors, the final print may not be compatible with the expectations of the client). All bitmaps should be in CMYK mode.

 These guidelines apply to all provided documents, regardless of the program in which they were prepared.

6.  Usage notes:

:: for colour print CMYK should not be used a different color palette than CMYK-all Pantone ® colors to be converted to CMYK

:: If the job will be printed with Pantone, the correct vector objects should be defined as Pantone ® colors and bitmap as duotony.

Materials please provide the storage media (CD, DVD, PEN DRIVE, etc) or post on our FTP server, and send the request to the appropriate email:
image-settinge: ctp@totemgroup.pl
druk: druk@totemgroup.pl

Order of exposure should include: (gross and net), number of colors, number of pages, the screen, whether it is lighting the CTF or CTP (in the case of the CTP, you must supply the sensor size and distance in which the work is to be from the edge of the matrix)

Please note that in the case of open files WE are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS.

We do not assume liability for the final effect of the documents, which were prepared in accordance with the above guidelines and those that use graphic special effects such as. transparency, lenses, shadows, masks, etc.