4 July 2016

How to prepare files for printing?


1. We accept files in the following formats: pdf, tif and jpg. Files, please provide 1:1 or 1:10

2. In the case of open files (eg. CDR, ai), plus a fee for preparing a file for printing (min. 40 PLN net). Work time Studio graphical it cost 80 PLN NET.

3. All layers in files should be flattened, and fonts converted to curves. Also, please do not use lenses, transparency, shadows, fills, textures, masks, etc. Please do not add fences, tags, cutting, ankles, etc.
Files should not be multi-page-each work must be a separate file.

4. Work should be prepared in CMYK, spot colors (eg. PANTONE) will be automatically converted to the next what can get the output device.

5. Deep blacks gain thanks to the following combination: C-30%,-30%, Y-30%, K-100%.
These guidelines apply to all provided documents, regardless of the program in which they were prepared.

6. We suggest to set the graphics resolution depending on the distance from which they will be viewed (along with an increase in distance decreases the resolution):
:: media watched from a distance of less than 1 m, for example. photos-ok. 300 dpi
:: media watched from a distance of 1 m, for example. posters-ok. 150-260 dpi
:: media viewed from greater distances, for example. billboards-ok. 50 dpi

7. The relevant files please include a preview at low resolution in jpg format.

8. Preparation of graphics depends on the medium on which you will print and type of treatment:
:: print on banner, meshu, etc.
:: seals-if the graphics are prepared to bleed, add 3 cm from each side (destination format after treatment = NET format, the format of the inventory = gross),
:: white background-also add 3 cm around and contrasting border around the gross format, along which the work will be delivered cut
: If the work is to be delivered cut to the NET format this should be stated in the order, in which case the bleed is not needed,
:: tunnels-determine the height of the tunnel on the flat and to net graphics add this value + 1.5 cm suture (eg. the tunnel is to be sent. 10 cm, 11.5 cm)
:: print on CD-for graphics on the bleed please add 3 mm bleed on each side.

In the case of custom processing, please contact us.

9. Order printing should include:
-the name of the customer
-file name
-format (NET and gross if necessary)
-number of copies
-the name of the material
-finishing (seals strengthening + STS every 50 cm = standard treatment)
-the agreed or expected due date
(delivery time is a minimum of 2 days from the date of delivery of the finished files for printing)
-to issue a VAT invoice

As prepared an order for printing, please send electronic mail to the e-mail address:

To order please attach a file with a preview of graphics to print. Production files please post directly to our FTP server.
Incorrectly filled out order or graphics prepared in accordance with the guidelines releases us from any liability for incorrectly work done. In case of doubt, please contact us.