13 July 2016

Finished products


Boxes and packaging

Packaging is a very important medium for which each returns a large account. Is the flagship product, and its shape and appearance often determines whether the customer decides to buy a specific product. Our company is an experienced manufacturer of carton packaging and cardboard. | more +


Stands and cardboard displays

Our printing house comprehensively develops and manufactures all kinds of POS-that carton, from traditional advertising stands, displays and stands by the stands naladowe, large pallet exposures and prepacki. Our products are characterized by original design. | more +


Exhibition tents

Exhibition tents are aesthetic and solidly made products, and most importantly, act like a huge billboard attracting its curiosity and attention of every potential customer. Our advertising tents are ideal for any outdoor event, all kinds of events, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, sports events. | more +