19 July 2016

Prepress services



Projects and preparation for the print

We have our own graphic studio at our disposal. It is a place furnished with highly efficient work stations equipped with the professional Adobe CS6 software and with state-of-the-art hardware for designing as regards offset and large-format printing.
We realize our tasks globally, starting from designing the graphic project to preparing this project for printing to the realization of its print to delivering ready materials to our clients.




For trial prints, we use the Epson Stylus Pro 9800 machine utilizing the UltraChrome (i.e. “digital matchprint”) technology enabling high-quality print in accordance with the UGRA FOGRA standard.




Taking benefits of Danippon Screen technology we can offer higher quality print with FM or AM screening. However the best results is available with SPEKTA, advanced screening method, with quality that can be achieved with an ordinary setup of 175 lpi and 2,400 dpi will appear equal to that of 300 lpi printing. And it can achieve this without the stringent controls usually required for high lpi printing.

With hybrid screening, we get the best of both conventional AM and FM method. For midtone areas, although SPEKTA distributes the dots randomly as in FM screening, the tonal reproduction is more like conventional AM screening. SPEKTA demonstrates its superiority in reproducing fine details, such as those required in maps. It improves the rendition of lines that are created with halftones.

Because 175 lpi AM screening tends to leave light-coloured fine lines jagged and broken, printers must often resort to using spot colours to reproduce them. However, SPEKTA can reproduce these kinds of images sharply using only process colours. Details such as fine hair and delicate lace are also rendered precisely, without jagged edges.

In order to facilitate the imagesetting process please consult the section which discusses it.
We are at your disposal daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.