19 July 2016

Textile printing


Our customer servicing allowed us to invest in polyester production printers.

– advertising flags,
– banners,
– banners (standard on the knitted fabric 115, 205 and 330g; non-standard fabrics 130 and 170g.),
– advertising tents. (namioty reklamowe).
Flags constitute a great form of advertising a firm. Contemporarily they are the most popular type of external advertisement. This is owing to the fact that flags can be easily exposed and are visible. Their dynamic form and intensive colours helps build a firm’s prestigious image.

Meeting our clients’ needs halfway, we offer you a high-quality, weather-tolerant and state-of-the-art product.

Screen printing

It is a printing technique in which subsequent colours, one at a time, are printed onto a flag by the fill blade. The print is thermally embedded and excessive paint is washed out. After drying and mangling the flag can be further processed in our sewing room. We make flags and banners typically in the format of 400 x 200cm; with non-standard sizes we usually resort to the 2-3mm thick connective which is invisible once the flag runs up.


Digital print


Flags can also be made with the use of the digital print method allowing for costs reduction. We differentiate the following digital print methods:

– direct print on knitted fabric with 100% permeability, applicable for small editions.
– dye sub print, first on paper and then, via calendar or printing press, onto knitted fabric, non-woven cloth or other bases.