2 June 2016

Printing on textiles


Textile printing is a very complicated process, requiring knowledge and experience. The complexity of the production process requires knowledge of the physical properties and chemical both materials, on which it is performed and the printing inks and paints. A very important element is the structure of the fabric, printing temperature as well as humidity. We have become experts in the field of textile printing. Always strive to obtain the best results. Any material we are able to effectively finish off by cutting, lacing, and doszywanie tape, fences and budding.

Here are some of the materials and the products we offer and make every day in our commercial printer:



The flag is a very original advertising medium that strikingly illustrates and enhances the activity of the company, adding her style and prestige. Large flags, and the movement of the wind let you see any information or graphics company logo already from a distance. An additional advantage is to place her on the mast of different heights, and the possibility of frequent exchange of flags.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material is polyester 115 gr.



We carry flags on telehandlers masts called beach flags (winderami, bow flags, flags husarskimi, etc.). These flags are the ideal solution for company promotion in all weather conditions, as well as inside buildings. The ideal solution for all kinds of events and outdoor events. Catch the eye and interest of each passing next to the client.
We produce flags in different shapes and sizes.
Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material is polyester 115 gr or polyflag. To order we also offer accessories.



Small advertising flags to highlight a brand and company logo. Often we meet with the situation, that we do not have space in front of the company to place masts, and we would like to flag the company and emphasize its presence on the market. The best solution is a kiosk. We offer them in different variants, from small single to great massive or triple masts.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material used to this kind of flag is polyester 115 gr-205 gr and blockout.




An alternative to the classic heavy vinyl banners. Ideal in the windy conditions. They are light and we can easily be moved and replaced. Graphics is made in the technique of sublimation. With this technology, the ink penetrates the temperature structure of the material and is virtually impossible to remove.
Prints on polyester materials can be washed, ironed and expose to direct sunlight.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material used for this type of product is a polyester 115 gr-205 gr.



We can also make covers for pallets, which thanks to its properties to protect the exposed products against the weather and damage. In addition, the covers are an excellent form of advertising, where you can put your company name, logo and provide opportunities that has the company-its products and services.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material used for this type of product is a polyester 115 gr-205 gr and non woven 150 gr, 300 gr.



Printouts, called alarm covers or theft of clothing stores, discount stores for gateway and shopping centres. Alarm coversy can not only protect from theft, but also be requesting the attention of ad media depicting current promotions or the most interesting products. Structure of the material is lightweight, so it can often change, are economical and take up little space when folded.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material used to this kind of products is a non woven 150 gr, 300 gr.




Garland is the advertising chain, which consists of a series of flagietek made of polyester polyamide tape fixed to the flagship material of any length. Unusual look allows for wide use of chains in advertising, outdoor events or simply to organize space. Flagietki are the most common shape of a rectangle or triangle. It is also possible to execute other shapes and sizes.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. The basic material is polyester 115 gr-205 gr.


art print-to-ram

It's an interesting solution for the display of any advertising content. Often we meet them at petrol stations, sports stadiums and all sorts of fair wystawniczych. However, you can apply them practically everywhere. Recommend this item to complement the advertising image of the company. We also print but also the purchase of aluminium frame. The printed material dashboard trimmed and do we expect.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm.  The basic material is polyester 115 gr-330 gr, lightlux 140 gr.



New! Convenient and comfortable bean bags with advertising prints are the perfect Interior and great product event site. Reinforced and pleasant for the body fabric and full color print on entire surface make Footstools are very impressive advertising medium. We have Footstools with interchangeable covers, which allows you to change graphics without having to replace the whole seat.

The basic material is polyester 205 gr-330 gr, satin 125 gr, non woven 150 gr, 300 gr.




Advertising tents act as a huge billboard, attracting with its vision and attention to each client. Our tents are suitable for any outdoor party. Are made from durable polyester material that is waterproof and resistant to damage. Each upholstery is trimmed with and finished with a special tape.

Maximum printing width is 160 cm. Material thickness is 280 g/m2.



Advertising creates spectacular carpets company image, making it deep into the memory of the client. We offer advertising carpets with a company logo or as full-color graphics. We produce them with a special, abrasion resistant material. The bottom is made of non-slip rubber. The printed rugs are not just the surface, after which you can go, but they are also an effective advertising medium.

Maximum printing width is 300 cm. Material weight is 900 g/m2 and 1100 g/m2.



Mouse pads are not only surface to correct and comfortable work computer mouse, but also an interesting advertising media and design a gadget. The surface of our products is resistant to abrasion, and its texture allows for excellent work. There is also the possibility to make custom washers shape and size. Used for production of materials have all the approvals and meet the highest standards.