13 July 2016

Exhibition tents


Exhibition tents are aesthetic and solidly made products, and most importantly, act like a huge billboard attracting its curiosity and attention of every potential customer. Our advertising tents are ideal for any outdoor event, all kinds of events, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, sports events. Arouse admiration among both children and adults. The tents are very unusual, and, on the other hand, an indispensable advertising media.
Tent is an excellent form of advertising and promotion of your company, its products and services. The main advantage is their shape and large surface area. The printing surface is so large that even the person who drives like a car without a problem catching the company logo. We can use prepared by Your advertising, design, or design graphics.

Our advertising tents without a problem, you can use both during the outdoor event, as well as in the large exhibition halls and grounds. Are much better than the traditional booths due to showcase their services with an eye-catching display graphics, and a simple, lightweight and very easy to assemble design.

Proposed by us tents have design in 100% aluminum and polyester upholstery, so are lightweight and easy to spread.

Each of the tents after the deposit can be freely transported.