4 July 2016

FTP Server


FTP server address: ftp.totemgroup.pl
user: totem
password: totem2008

Files, please set the 'incoming '.

Transferring files using Total Commander:

  1. Run the program-a window will appear where on the left and on the right we have a tree of files.
  2. The "network" menu, choose "FTP Connection …" or press the key combination "CTRL + F" to open FTP connection pane.
  3. In the window that opens, click on "new connection"-will the window to create a new connection and enter the data:
    Session: Totem
    Host name: ftp.totemgroup.pl
    User: totem
    Password: totem2008
    Click "OK".
  4. In the list you should see the name of the "Totem"-select and press "connect". In the right window of the program will be the contents of our FTP server.
  5. By pressing "F7" create our new directory to the FTP server. The directory name must include the business name or the name of the principal-name you must also send us in the body of the e-mail message and the order form.
  6. On the left we find the files you want to upload to an FTP server and copy them to the previously created directory.