19 July 2016






The Perfecta 160 paper cutter utilizes CIP4 files which are generated in the image-setting room in the course of die preparation. Placing the CIP4 profiles on the cutter enables automatic cutting of even the most tightly folded printed sheets thus significantly saving time and money.



Die cutting


And die cut machines are used to cut out a variety of shapes from a single sheet. Different materials can be cut depending on the project and tools beign used. Die cutting tool is dedeicated to work with paper, corrugated paper, card-and pasterboard and laminated sheets. Using stripping tools (in one single cycle) makes that process much faster. In support with hot plates system and antistatic devices we can cut out non standard substrates like PVC, Polystyrene, Polyethylene. Obviously, there are no limitation for the size, number or shape designs for every single sketch.


fold in

Book folding

One-or multi-ply folding of a paper sheet so as to attain a desired final format and page number. We can boast of having three book binding machines at our disposal. They allow us to fold sheets of various gsm and formats.





This word for refers to the practice of improving a product made of thick paper (e.g. cardboard or corrugated cardboard) by way of covering it with a thin layer of (printed or blank) paper for decorative or technological purposes.

In the laminate paper whose size does not exceed 140 x 200 cm.

Application: all sorts of stands, file cabinets, binders, clipboards, files, calendar heads, book covers etc.



Our typical book-binding projects also encompass:


book bindings, sewn or hair glued together, of all possible editions-a line for a sewn binding-8 stations, machine-assembled, sewn with a wire and-cut (3-knife trimmer), efficiency up to 14 thousand pieces per hour;

point sealing of containers and boxes of all sizes and shapes. Six-point folder-sealer Omega seals boxes of various types. The maximum container format when folded is 110 x 70 cm;

spiraling-spiraling machine allows for connecting blocks whose thickness amounts to 12, 7 mm. There exists a possibility of fixing a spiral 1/4, 5/16, 7/16, 9/16 inch thick as well as of various calendar, notepad etc. -suspensions;

numbering-we are in the possession of an automatic numbering machine equipped with two dies able to both fold and perforate paper or self-adhesive foil;

attaching the ring-and other mechanisms it e.g. file cabinets or binders by way of the riveter;

foil wrapping-we can foil-wrap your ready product only to subsequently seal it by heating thus securing the content of the wrap. The format does not exceed A3. Application: car fresheners, journals, journal throw-ins etc.


In the case of custom orders please contact me by phone or e-mail in advance.