13 July 2016

Stands and cardboard displays

Our printing house comprehensively develops and manufactures all kinds of POS-that carton, from traditional advertising stands, displays and stands by the stands naladowe, large pallet exposures and prepacki. Our products are characterized by original design, high strength innovative form and unconventional shapes. Every our product has to adapt to individual customer requirements both in terms of product specification, its weight, shape and aesthetics, graphic design. STA

This is a broad and versatile material group wystawniczych, made from the most popular material is paper. Thus we are dealing with a unique product that is lightweight and portable. They are relatively cheap, and their installation is much faster and easier than racks made of plastic, wood or metal. Can occur in different dimensions and unlimited shapes. An additional feature, which increases their attractiveness is the ability to print the entire surface of the rack. Specifically at the request of the client we can make individual design.


Are always under a specific product or visions of the client. Depending on the needs of this type of materials may take different form, shape and size. It is a very fashionable and convenient form of advertising. Besides its main advantage is the low weight and mobility. Is an elegant medium of communication for all kinds of events, promotions, fairs and exhibitions. Takes up little space, and thanks to the precision withstands frequent transport and intensive use. Technological capacity, which we have allow us to implement a robust and durable construction, which combined with a creative design make up the aesthetic of the final product, the perfect support for organized promotional campaigns.


Stands for leaflets made of cardboard are a great idea for a presentation of all advertising materials of the company. This media Visual promotion takes a small area, and thanks to him we can present many opportunities offered by the company. In addition, the form of the rack stops the attention of every passing next to the client.
The construction of the walls of the stand gives you the ability to their expansion and modification, and in addition, you can embed an individual, eye-catching graphic design. Placed in stand advertising material, such as leaflets or folders are very well presented and beautifully blend with the whole stand, creating together with on it the graphics project, an integral whole. This type of cardboard stands are light, mobile and stable. During transport is comfortable and light, and set up is quick, easy and intuitive.


Exhibition stands is a wide branch of advertising stands, whose main purpose is to highlight the product attractive to the eye. Issued the goods on this on stand has a break into the consciousness and attention of the customer. Has produced products and specific deals, and, above all, to differentiate and highlight her originality. Exhibition stands shall be designed specifically for a dedicated group of products with regard to their weight, size, and shape.