Die-cutting machine

We would like to inform you that a die-cutting machine with the function of laminating and cleaning has been added to our machinery stock.

Die-cutting (or cutting) is a bookbinding practice which hinges on cutting out of a printed sheet (or a sheet stack) of paper, cardboard, carton, or another similar basis a desired shape unable to be obtained while utilizing an ordinary paper cutter. Die-cutting is also a method of plasticity processing.

Die-cutting is performed by way of a die whose streamline-shaped blade is perpendicularly forced through a basis. Die-cutting is frequently accompanied by creasing, or impressing a line of a desired shape in the basis. Die-cutting serves as a method both of shaping products as well as piercing them.

Applying this method, we can produce the following items: folded cardboard containers, non-standard Christmas cards, multi-page calendars with pages shaped so that they fit particular time slots, phone books with spaces for particular alphabet letters etc.

Our SBL 1050 SE die-cutting machine works with paper sheet sizes up to 1050 x 750mm of which the maximum die-cutting format amounts to 1040 x 730. The minimal work area is 400 x370mm.


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  • Maximum paper sheet format – 1050×750
  • Minimal paper sheet format – 400×370
  • Maximum die-cut format – 1040×730
  • Margin for grippers – 9,5 mm.
  • Thrust 300 tons.
  • Thickness of the die-cut material – 0,1-2 mm
  • Repeatability – +/- 0,2mm
  • Non-stop
  • Maximum die-cutting speed – 7000 paper sheets per hour