Stock laminating machine

Laminating is a technology by way of which a high gsm product (e.g. cardboard, corrugated cardboard) is covered with a thin layer of (printed or blank) paper for decorative, security or technological purposes.

The final product therefore crops up as more durable than single-paper print. Due to technological reasons, direct cardboard prints are relatively expensive; hence the lamination comes to aid.

One typical example of the lamination are book editions. Such editions are characterised by thick cardboard pages onto which prints are stamped. Oftentimes the entire edition is also foil- or enamel-covered so as to protect the product from dirt. Laminated books are more durable and of unquestionable aesthetic value yet expensive.




Wraps are another example of the lamination technology at work. Wrap lamination translates into covering wraps – whose thickness and internal structure prevents them from being machine-printed – with a thin layer of (printed or blank) paper.

Our firm laminates both solid and corrugated cardboard with the use of the Germany-made Stock laminating machine. We service the 1000 x 1414mm (B0) format.