The best projects RPO WZ

During a special ceremony wrapping up the effects of the implementation of the regional operational programme, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, honored were the beneficiaries of the most effective projects.

The inhabitants of our region will also be able to grant your award. Internet users with profiles on Facebook can vote for the best projects under two categories:

the best design in the public sphere,

the best project in the field of business.


RPO projects WZ have undergone initial selection-with over one thousand five hundred good projects selected was 20, such that most fully carry out the objectives of the RPO WZ and represent the key areas of support in RPO delivery. Among the selected projects under the plebiscite is also your project. The authors of the projects, which will get the largest number of votes, will receive a souvenir statuette at the hands of Marshal.

Voting lasts until 30 May until 10 am. The winner, who will be invited to the Gala RPOWZ in kołobrzeg on 2-3 June, 2014.

Sheer Gala is an event within the framework of the Forum of the Municipal Council and held at the Marine Hotel on 2 June 2014. (participation in forums, a place to stay and food provides the winners of the plebiscite Marshal).

To vote, go to profile the regional operational programme of the West ( and then go to the application: “the best design RPO WZ – Internet users” or go directly to the application by clicking on the link:

Among the same voters, we will have the prize – a set of promotional gifts with the RPO.